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TIDE User Guide /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/TIDE_User_Guide_2017_2018.pdf
TIDE User Guide

This user guide provides an overview of the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), how to access TIDE, how to upload Pre-ID information, submit test material orders, manage users and other tasks.

TIDE FAQ /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/Ohio_TIDE_FAQ-1.pdf

This brief FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding TIDE dates, user accounts and student information.

TIDE Tasks for Test Coordinators /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/Ohio_TIDE_Tasks_Summary_for_Test_Coordinators.pdf
TIDE Tasks for Test Coordinators

This guidance document provides an overview of each task that must be completed in TIDE for Ohio’s State Tests, OELPA and the AASCD.

Online User Management Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/Ohio_TIDE_User_Management_Guidance.pdf
TIDE User Management Guidance

This document provides guidance for test coordinators to add and manage user accounts in TIDE for Ohio’s State Tests, OELPA, and AASCD.

Guidance Document for 2017-18 Ohio Pre-ID Files /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/Ohio_PreID_Guidance_Doc_2017_2018.pdf
Pre-ID Guidance Document

This guidance document provides important information on Ohio Pre-ID files, including:

  • Details on how Pre-ID data will be collected for Ohio’s statewide tests;
  • Frequently asked questions; and
  • Details on how student test eligibility will be identified for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, the Alternate Assessment and OELPA.
Pre-ID File Layout

The department has updated its Student Pre-Identification (Pre-ID) File layout for the 2017-2018 school year. The layout collects student information for Ohio’s State Tests, the Alternate Assessment (AASCD) and the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA).

AASCD Special Testing Scenarios Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/AASCD_Special_Cases_Guidance.pdf
AASCD Special Testing Scenarios

This document provides guidance for district test coordinators who may encounter special testing scenarios, such as students served outside of the district, enrolled in internet-based school, receiving vouchers and scholarships, receiving medical waivers and more.

Online User Role Matrix /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/Ohio-User-Roles-for-2017_2018.pdf
Online User Role Matrix

This document provides a detailed overview of the levels of access that will be given to users of Ohio’s online systems for the 2017-18 school year for Ohio’s State Tests, Ohio’s Alternate Assessment and OELPA.

Online System Requirements /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/OH_System_Requirements_2017-2018.pdf
Online System Requirements

This document addresses the basic technology requirements for online testing using American Institutes for Research’s (AIR) systems for the school year. It includes the supported operating systems for student testing, the supported Web browsers for other online systems, as well as additional requirements.