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Spring 2018 Online Refresher Training PowerPoint /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/2018_Refresher_AASCD_Training_Final.pptx
AASCD Online Refresher Training
The Online Refresher Training contains an overview of information regarding the “nuts and bolts” of test administration, including changes for the spring 2018 administration, the design of the assessment, accommodations, starting points, entering student scores, and the Data Entry Interface. This training is an optional resource for all test administrators for the AASCD.

Click the link to download a PowerPoint presentation which contains audio narration well as the script in the “Notes” section of each slide.
Spring 2018 AASCD Directions for Administration Manual /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/SP18-AASCD-DFAM.pdf
AASCD Directions for Administration Manual

The AASCD Directions for Administration Manual outlines how teachers/test administrators should prepare for and administer the AASCD. All teachers, test administrators, and second raters should review the manual in advance of the test window.

Spring 2018 AASCD Test Coordinator’s Manual /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/SP18-AASCD-Test-Coordinators-Manual.pdf
AASCD Test Coordinator's Manual

The AASCD Test Coordinator’s Manual outlines the responsibilities and procedures that district and building test coordinators are to follow for the AASCD.

AASCD Special Testing Scenarios Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3153/urlt/AASCD_Special_Cases_Guidance.pdf
AASCD Special Testing Scenarios

This document provides guidance for district test coordinators who may encounter special testing scenarios, such as students served outside of the district, enrolled in internet-based school, receiving vouchers and scholarships, receiving medical waivers and more.